"Technology is the foundation for the high-quality development of an enterprise. The gold chain and silver chain are not as good as the industrial chain. The key for enterprises to truly master their own destiny lies in mastering the core technology in the core industrial chain." Technological innovation is the core driving force for enterprise growth. challenge. From production to installation to shipment, the quality inspection is strictly controlled. Combine technological innovation and management innovation organically, achieve quality and safety requirements, and prevent the appearance of defective and incomplete products. Let consumers get better service and quality.     

In 2017, it won the title of "Famous Brand Product of Guangdong Province". Established a model for the pursuit of excellent quality, carried forward the spirit of brand-name product manufacturers to pursue excellent quality, and strived to create brand-name products with strong competitiveness.

Won the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" in 2019, innovation is the fundamental driving force for enterprise development, and the high-tech enterprise identification policy is a guiding policy. Enhance corporate brand image, show corporate technical strength and market value, enhance corporate image and intangible asset value.

Obtaining the "utility model patent certificate" in 2019 has a great promotion effect on the production and operation of the enterprise, and strives for the initiative in market competition to ensure the safety of its own production and sales. Improve the technical content of the products, improve the quality of the products, and reduce the cost, so that the products of the enterprise are invincible in the market competition.

In 2019, it won the publicity certificate of "Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Credit-worthy Enterprise". Improving corporate credibility and establishing a good corporate image reflects that companies rely on integrity to survive, and it is also conducive to enhancing corporate competitiveness in the market or in the industry.

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